Shelby-Rising City FFA
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Ag. Ed. & FFA Highlights

December 2017: 

District LSEs

4th Place Parli Pro Team: Carson R, Grant O, Grant L, Tori P, Taylor S, Quin M

1st Place Jr Public Speaking: Tori P

2nd Place Sr. Public Speaking: Garrett I

2nd Place CCM: Aurora S, Haley H, Tanner N, Jenna L, Wendy G, Emily W, Angle B

November 2017: 

Pre-Districts LSE’s:

5th Place Senior Public Speaking: Garrett I

6th Place Junior Public Speaking: Tori P

1st Place Senior Parli Pro Team: Carson R, Tori P, Grant O, Grant L, Quin M

3rd CCM Team: Haley H, Wendy G, Emily W, Aurora S, Tanner N, Angel B, Jenna L

September 2017: 

Area Land Judging:

4th place team: Jett P, Carson R, Grant L, Garrett I

10th place team: Jayce V, Julia A, Tori P, Quin M

-- 88 Teams

1st Place Idv.: Jett P

28th Place Idv.: Quin M

41st Place Idv.: Alec W

48th Place Idv.: Julia A

57th Place Idv.: Jayce V

59th Place Idv.: Carson R

60th Place Idv.: Garrett I

64th Place Idv.: Antonio L

71th Place Idv.: Grant L

150th Place Idv.: Tori P

-- 322 Idv.

May 2017: 

Congratulations to all 2016-2017 FFA members on a successful year. On May 5th we introduced the new FFA Officer team for the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to our new officers: Jayce Vrbka (President), Garrett Ingalls (Secretary), Carson Rathje (Vice President) Clayton Watts (Vice President), and Victoria Perry (Vice President). State Horse Judging will be on Thursday May 25th.

Horse Judging results:


2nd Place Halter Team: Curtis: Red Ribbon, Grant L: 2nd Purple

2nd Place Performance Team: Curtis: 7th Blue, Grant L: 1st Place Purple

1st Place Reasons Team: Curtis: Red, Garrett: 4th Purple, Grant L: 3rd Purple


Open house, Breakfast & Hired-Hand Auction Whitney Lehn 2/8/2017 713 KB
2016-2017 Year in Review Whitney Lehn 5/22/2017 612 KB



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